Nurse-Practitioner-Led Primary Care

About Us

Appletree Bay Primary Care is an Academic Faculty Nurse Practitioner-led practice that provides holistic and compassionate evidence-based primary care. We see our patients as people first; and understand and treat them within the context of their life circumstances, families, jobs and communities. Our nurse practitioners recognize that people want to be heard by their primary care provider and participate in treatment decisions to restore and maintain good health and wellness.

For more information on Nurse Practitioners please visit What’s a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

University of Vermont’s Department of Nursing

Appletree Bay Primary Care is affiliated with the University of Vermont’s Department of Nursing. All Appletree Bay nurse practitioners are faculty at the University of Vermont. In the clinic, we work with and mentor undergraduate and graduate students in the health sciences.

For more information on the University of Vermont Nursing programs please visit The University of Vermont Department of Nursing.

Our Services

Appletree Bay Primary Care provides a full array of primary care services including:

Complete Physicals & Pre-Op Exams

Office Procedures

Including suture and staple removal, I&D and wound care

Gynecological Care

Acute & Chronic Illness Care

On-Site Blood Draws & Urine Collection


Point of Care Testing

Routine urinalysis, rapid strep, urine pregnancy, glucose, INR testing for patients taking warfarin

Nebulizer Treatments

Nebulizer treatments for respiratory problems

Addiction Treatment

Medically assisted treatment with Suboxone, as a spoke practice for UVMMC Addiction Treatment Center

Health Behavior Change Counseling

Including tobacco cessation, nutrition, and exercise counseling


Including Tdap and High dose Influenza (for 65+)

Specialty Referrals

Referrals for imaging, specialty care, physical therapy, mental health and substance abuse treatment

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